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Bronies of America. Enough said.
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19-year-old Brony who's been a fan of MLP:FiM for almost three years, hence the username. I'm a fan of collegiate basketball, collegiate and professional football, world competition soccer, and NASCAR. My other passion besides ponies is cars. New or old, it doesn't matter; I'm a fan of both. I am a Sophomore? at UNC Charlotte studying Meteorology/Atmospheric Sciences. I am a Hobbyist Digital Artist specializing in pony wallpapers.

Proud founder of :iconamerican-bronies:

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Skype account: RDbrony16
Game Center account: rainman105
PSN: nerdkid56

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To Other Wallpaper Artists

Does anyone plan out what they're going to make before they make it, or is it just a "I'll put this here, this there, and look! I made something!" sort of deal?

Just curious, because I definitely do the second option.

And to My Watchers

Is there anything you'd like to see content-wise from me? From my view, I'm stuck in a bit of a rut with shapes and spacey backgrounds. I'd like to get a few suggestions for future projects.


Side Note: I have now passed 30k views on my page. This makes me happy.


Don't Mess With Me by RDbrony16
Don't Mess With Me
Finally got creative and made something, and by "creative," I mean I was on break and had multitudes of free time to make a wallpaper. The wallpaper wasn't the time-consumer, it was the rendering for the time lapse that I'll have up on YouTube soon enough.

Time-lapse for this wallpaper is up here

I have more resolutions available for this wallpaper at the link: More resolutions
And a "gorier" (I just added some blood here and there) version with multiple resolutions at this link: Gory+More resolutions

Rainbowdash in anger by :iconsunran80:

18 LED strip light streak stocks by :iconwmill:

MLP © Hasbro

Made with Photoshop CS6

Hello to all. As 2014 draws to a close, I wanted to make a journal highlighting the influential deviations of the year, which amazingly started as soon as the year began. Time to recap my year in art!

Note: Comics are linked. If they were at preview-size, this journal would be twice as long.

January marked the beginning of my Power Ponies wallpaper series and when I began making 1440p wallpapers.
Wallpaper - The Masked MatterHorn [1440p] by RDbrony16
I also started experimenting with different techniques to take my art in a new direction.
Wallpaper - Shattered [1440p] by RDbrony16
And I did my 3rd collaboration. This one with :icongame-beatx14:. Hardly did any work on it. Sorry for not pulling my weight, man. Although, I did work on some of it in my Astronomy class which I can't say I've ever done before.
Power Fillies [Collab with RDbrony16] by Game-BeatX14

February marked the first time I had won one of Equestria Digital's WOTW (Wallpaper of the Week) challenges. I miss the WOTW. It gave me motivation to make something instead of sitting on my butt all day doing nothing productive whatsoever.
Wallpaper - Pony League Unlimited [1440p] by RDbrony16
My first comic was made and uploaded in February. It is now the most viewed deviation in my gallery. If you're in need of getting your art out to people, comics are the way to go. Seriously, people love their comics.
Comic - One Bad Pun Later

March continued with tutorial-based wallpapers and triangles. Because triangles.
Wallpaper - Make a Wish [1440p] by RDbrony16
Wallpaper - Tourists... [1440p] by RDbrony16
I also started watching fellow wallpaperists' timelapses to basically ripoff some stuff they do. Talking about you, :iconmithandir730: ^^;
Wallpaper - Who Wants a Hug? by RDbrony16

April marked the beginning of 16bit wallpapers, resulting in larger file sizes, which I assume means better quality? 2 years at this and still don't know the basics...
Wp - I Thought it Was Spring! [1440p] by RDbrony16
I started staying up extremely late working on wallpapers, and in general (mostly due to my annoying roommate), which is probably why I have this insomniac lifestyle now. [Side note: making bright things at 3am really hurts your eyes]
Wp - Praise the Sun [1440p] by RDbrony16
I made my first requested wallpaper in over a year. And yes, requests are still closed. Indefinitely. Probably forever.
Wallpaper - White Flare [1440p] by RDbrony16
And I made Celestia an idiot. Mission Accomplished.
Comic - Observe Your Surroundings

My second collaboration of the year came out in May, done with :iconmithandir730:, and like the first one, I hardly did anything except for the starting point. It did, however, mark my 600th deviation since joining deviantArt.
Wp - Impress Me [Collab with Mithandir730] by RDbrony16
As my description says, it took me a year, but I finally made an Equestria Girls wallpaper. [Side note: I haven't seen Rainbow Rocks yet]
Wp - Human Dash [1440p] by RDbrony16
After the season finale, I started this whole grunged-out background thing and started to incorporate abstract shapes. You know, thinking outside of the box.
You Messed With The Wrong Princess by RDbrony16 Wallpaper - Fashion Horse Snaps [1440p] by RDbrony16

I made my third and, unintentionally, final comic of the year, complete with a crude joke and a utterly unnecessary disclaimer. However, it did not get the views I was hoping for, due to it not being featured on Equestria Daily. Whatever, live and let live.
Comic - Rainbow Always Wins
While everyone was up in Minnesota at MLP-MSP, I was making this. There's just something about not attending a convention that everyone is at that brings out the creativity in me.
Wallpaper - What is Going On? [1440p] by RDbrony16
Third and final collaboration of the year. REALLY hardly did anything. :iconvisualizationbrony: was adding so much rendered stuff, my poor little Toshiba couldn't keep up. Added the text and a few shapes. Woo.
Down Here on the Farm [Collab] by RDbrony16
Finally, I made quite possibly my favorite wallpaper of the year. And my first Chrysalis wallpaper since a week after the season 2 finale, whenever that was.
Queen of the Changelings by RDbrony16
Also, new ID.
deviantArt profile ID 6/29/14 by RDbrony16

I made a thing for Wolf Beats' Facebook contest. Archie is still king. Technically, I made this in June, but I submitted it in July after the contest had ended, so close enough.
Archie Logo Wallpaper by RDbrony16
Still the largest wallpaper I've made, this was my first 4k wallpaper and started the whole space background obsession that I've had. I guess it's just the easiest thing for me to put as a background.
Pony in Space Wallpaper #005 by RDbrony16
This somehow got retweeted by Andrea Libman, so that's something...
Best of the Rest by RDbrony16
I was not able to make either Galacon, but that doesn't mean I couldn't promote it. It would be the convention I would attend if I had a choice. And unlimited money because flying to Germany is EXPENSIVE!
Who's Ready for GalaCon? by RDbrony16

I learned how to make gifs from things. So I made some of those for a day.
Intense.gif by RDbrony16 Wat.gif by RDbrony16 Title.gif by RDbrony16 Do It Filly.gif by RDbrony16
[Click the pictures for the whole things]
My last wallpaper before going off to school.
PS3 Pony Wallpaper by RDbrony16
My first wallpaper at school.
What is This Place? by RDbrony16
Probably my second or third favorite wallpaper of the year.
Rainbow Squared by RDbrony16

And thus the beginning of the off and on wallpaper making began. My friends convinced me to buy Battlefield 4 and play it on one of their laptops. I did and so far, it has consumed almost 300 hours of my life. The time consumption doesn't include me watching all of Parks and Recreation, five seasons of the X-files, all of Orange is the New Black, and Bob's Burgers 30 times over. I somehow found the time to do this wallpaper late at night, which is probably why I slept through a few of my early classes. It went along with my theory of "put Luna in it and they will like it."
Endless Night by RDbrony16
Exactly a month after the last wallpaper, I made this one. Only because I was on fall break and didn't have anything to do. Also, it was my first Shining Armor wallpaper since just before the season 2 finale.
The Shining (Armor) by RDbrony16
Then, nearly two months after the last wallpaper I made this one. This time I was on Thanksgiving break and figured it was about time I came out with a new wallpaper. It wins the "dirtiest" wallpaper of 2014 award by a large margin.
Crystal Sunset by RDbrony16
Finally, I end the year with a Daring Do themed wallpaper that began as a non-pony design exercise to see what all my desktop, and creative part of me, could handle.
Rise of the Daring Do by RDbrony16
However, it is with a heavy heart that I uploaded it. This is my last wallpaper of 2014 and could be the last wallpaper I make; I am planning to take a hiatus from wallpaper making for most of 2015. I may be in a creative mood sometime next year and be spurred to make something, but for now, I want to thank all of my watchers and all the friends I have made over the past few years for working with me and giving me a reason to create. And a special thank you to the vector artists for allowing me to use your work over the years.

I will still be checking my deviantArt and twitter daily or as often as I can, so feel free to contact me through those means.

It's been a wonderful 2014 and I hope that 2015 treats you and I well.


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